Tuesday, August 07, 2007

some books i finished

just finished this a few days ago. i don't say this often, but you have to read it. it's about a boy in sierra leone who loses his family in a civil war and manages to avoid being abducted into an army for a while, but eventually is a part of the government army for a few years before he goes to a rehabilitation camp for child soldiers. a crushing story that ends with a ray of hope. i have it if you want to borrow it. here's a great review of it by a friend that used to live in raleigh...

also finished philip yancey's 'what's so amazing about grace'. you need to read it, too.


At August 10, 2007 11:06 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

we just got a couple that you'd probably like.... "god grew tired of us" a memoir of a boy from the sudan, "illicit" about traffiking, and there's one more... i'll have to ask joel that title of that one...

he's started all of them - i haven't been able to get my hands on them yet, but from what i hear, you might like them. just f.y.information... :)


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