Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes, I was surfing the internet today...

Here's what I found...



Despite the league's position that group viewings of the Super Bowl at locations other than bars must be limited to one screen with a maximum size of 55 inches, one church is daring the NFL to stop them.

Second Baptist Church in Indianapolis will ignore the league's commandment, and will show the game via a rear-projection device.

"The NFL implied that it has a problem with the venue and medium that local churches conduct ministry," said the Rev. David Greene. "We want to save souls by any means necessary. Football, traditional service, street ministry -- it doesn't matter."

Greene also explained the situation in a letter to his congregation. "I believe that God's people have to take a stand," Greene said. "If the church continues to compromise with the world, it will soon have no influence on the world that God has instructed us to reach in His Great Commission as directed in St. Matthew 29:18-20."

The NFL has defended its position because "it's the law." >>

If anyone understands the church's rationale on this, let me know what it is. I'm with the NFL on this one. Their product, they can decide how it's distributed. I can see breaking the law when if I felt it asks me to do something God doesn't want me to, but cannot for the life of me get what this guy is saying. This is why a good part of our culture thinks the church is full of idiots...

And for State fans, this compilation of dunks from saturdays game.