Monday, October 13, 2008

a follow-up from yesterday

we finished a series on our vision as a church yesterday by talking about the importance of spiritual authority in our lives. you can listen here. i talked about the source of our problem with authority, the reason it's good and necessary for our lives, and how God meant for it to work.

anyways, i made the case that we all have problems with authority and used the example of going to see the dead sea scrolls downtown last week. they have the fragments enclosed in humidity-controlled glass and they tell you not to touch them because there are alarms on the glass. this, of course, led to a low level tension the whole time i was looking at them because i really, really wanted to touch the glass and find out what would happen.

so today i go volunteer at my kids school. at lunch, the kindergartners and the 2nd graders eat together and it's as loud as you would imagine a room full of kindergartners and 2nd graders to be. so they installed a stoplight that stays green when the noise level is acceptable, turns yellow when it gets a little too loud, and turns red when the noise level is unacceptable. the assistant principle starts explaining how this works to the kids and i lean over to one of the other parents and say, 'this could backfire in a big way on her'. sure enough, the rest of the lunch period kids are staring at the stoplight, screaming to see if they can get the red light to come on. perfect... but just one day too late to make my sermon... rats.

on a side note, they just had fall break and one of these 5 year old's told me she went on a cruise to gibralter, italy, spain and morroco over break. how does a five year old remember gibralter? and is it right for me to be so jealous of a 5 year old? seriously, that's my life-long dream vacation and you're 5...


At October 13, 2008 3:32 PM, Blogger Kim Smith said...

Jeff, you crack me up!


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