Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Jack Bauer

You can never get too much Jack Bauer...

Jack Bauer once won a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves

Jack Bauer fell asleep during Mission Impossible. For Jack Bauer, no mission is impossible.

Jack Bauer highlights in black.

If everyone on "24" listened to Jack Bauer, it would be called "12".

(Thanks Josh)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Sex Talk

What an awful phrase... and it's what communication about sex is limited to in our families and in our churches, a very occasional... very uncomfortable... talk. How about starting a sex conversation? Admitting the power of this topic and it's influence in our lives and continually lifting up God's view of sex, His dream in creating it, and our challenges in finding His will? I would encourage all of us to re-hash Sunday night in our community groups and conversations this week and in the coming weeks. Thanks for participating last night. Your comments (and the willingness and enthusiasm with which you offered them) were wonderful and made for a much more effective atmosphere in which to communicate God's Words.

I offer an apology for going long last night (didn't have a watch/cell phone so I have no idea how long it was), especially to those downstairs watching the kids. I figured two things: 1) Didn't really have to worry about people's attention spans because people listen when you talk about sex, and 2) I really wanted to get all the stuff I said in because I am concerned that people understand this in a complete way.

I re-iterate my offer about talking to us if you want to talk. The Catholic/Episcopal folks do something right with formal confession (from what I understand about pennance/absolution/all those hail mary's, I hate it... it totally ruins the point of the cross that He did something for us we could never do for ourselves). There is something powerful about confessing your sins one to another, verbalizing them, owning them. Here's our contact info if you want to talk about anything:,, (my wife), (jason's wife). We'd love to talk.

I'd love any feedback you have about tonight, positive and especially negative. One-way communication is deficient. Someone said I gave a good 'speech' tonight, and although there was room for input, they're right, in essence it was a speech. I wish it were more of a conversation and hopefully we'll figure out a way to move in that direction. For now, we have this blog. Feel free to post anonymously.

Thanks for being a part of our community